Wired USB Keyboards For Mac

3rd-Pary and Apple Brand USB Keyboards

Looking to buy an upgrade or replacement to your existing Apple computer's USB keyboard? In life, unfortunate 'Stuff Happens' and all it takes is a falling object, a gadget-cheding dog, or a falling object to ruin your Mac's working USB keyboard in an a spit-second..

While you could always order an Apple branded keyboard directly from the Apple Store, you'd pay full list price - But computer accessory manufacturers make other devices with Mac-specific needs in mind, often at more competitive prices.. Among these Apple Compatible USB Keyboard you'll see low-cost Kensignton, MacAlly keyboards, high-end Logitech and Mattias alternative input peripherals worth exploring.
Apple USB Keyboard w/KeypadKensington Slim-Key USB
Dual USB 2.0 Side Ports

Numeric Keypad And More
Low-Cost Mac Keyboard

Scissor-Type Key Switches

iHome USB Mac KeyboardBargain MacAlly USB Keyboard
Aluminum Full-Size Keyboard

Mac Specific Keytops
Low-Profile Slim Design

PC and Mac Compatible

Same Functionality - Half The Cost

As you can see by exploring some of the above 3rd-party Apple compatible USB keyboards - You can get a keyboard designed with Macintosh users in mind for half of what Apple charges. Although USB Windows keyboards will work in a pinch, you'll typically find the Windows-specific keytops to be confusing, and particularly on 100+ key full-size keyboards, many of the Win-specific functions like Home, End, Page Down/Up might not work as expected. They may also lack Mac-specific Sound Up/Down, Mute and disc Eject buttons. Some keyboards are well-adapted for use on either platform, but always zoom-in on the product images to verify how the keytops are laid out and labeled.