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3rd-Party Apple Friendly Wireless Keyboards

RF wireless keyboards are different from wireless Bluetooth. They use different, 2.4Ghz radio frequencies and technology to provide a faster, more robust and reliable connection that Bluetooth can provide. Although Apple never shipped thier own RF wireless keyboard (or mouse), some manufacturers have made Mac compatible keyboards that use RF technology.

2.4Ghz Radio Frequency keyboards and mice require their own dedicated USB receiver dongle. In the case of Logitech, they make a "Unifying" receiver that works with multiple devices: Both their RF keyboard and RF mouse so that each doesn't require it's own separate transceiver or use up yet-another USB port. One of the advantages of 2.4Ghz wireless keyboards is that unlike Bluetooth which requires 'Pairing' devices to work on MacOS, RF peripherals are immediately automatically recognized - No futzing or MacOS software required. It's more reliable, less subject to interference and supports faster data rates.
Silver Wireless KeyboardBlack Wireless Keyboard
Logitech Solar Mac Keyboard

2.4Ghz Wireless Connection
Solar Mac Mac Keyboard

With 2.4Ghz USB Transciever

About Wireless RF Keyboards for MacOS

Wireless RF 2.4Ghz keyboards give you the freedom to kick-back in your chair or roam untangled at resonably close range. Apple users love wireless accessories and in spite of the periodic battery replacement or recharging that's needed with a wireless OSX-compatible keyboard, the untethered freedom is worth some of the tradeoffs.