Data Entry And Accounting Keypads

Apple Compatible Keypads

Shopping for a numeric keypad that compatible with Mac OSX? Certain Apple computer users with mini-keyboards or MacBook users may need or want the efficiency of a numeric computer keypad to speed data entry. When inputting a large amount of numeric data, the number keys across the top of a compact or laptop keyboard just doesn't cut it.

Mac USB Computer Keypads

For simplicity and a reliable, quick connection, a wired USB keypad designed for Mac desktops and Apple MacBook laptops adds instant numeric data entry ease without the need to install any OSX drivers. Just plug it in and it's ready to go:

Aluminum USB KeypadLow-Cost USB Keypad
Satechi Aluminum Keypad

Matches Mac/MacBook Finish
iHome Cheap USB Keypad

With 000 & Clear Keys

Mac Bluetooth Computer Keypads

For wireless convenience and freedom of placement without worrying about wires or tying up one of your USB ports, an Apple compatible Bluetooth keypad is your best choice. You may have to deal with occasional Bluetooth pairing and/or battery replacement/recharging in exchange for wireless freedom. They also tend to cost $10-$15 more.

Best Bluetooth KeypadBluetooth Calc Keypad
Belkin Premium Bluetooth Keypad

W/Document Navigation Keys
Satechi Combo Bluetooth Keypad

With LCD Calcultor Mode

Other Mac Compatible Keypads

There's a few other specialized keypads on the market, some of which are shown here which include a built-in USB hub for additional devices or an on-screen LCD calculator. Mechanical keypads with a distinctive 'Clack!' that some typists prefer, or ultra-slim portable keypads for MacBook or PC laptop users on the go. There's also 2.4GHz RF wireless keypads is you don't mind typing up a USB port for the RF tranciever.

Keypad + Hub ComboBluetooth Calc Keypad
Keypad With Integrated Hub

3-Port USB 2.0 Hub
Satechi Combo Bluetooth Keypad

With LCD Calculator Mode

Basic Mac Compatibility - With A Few Caveats

Note that some of the keypads available may feature dual-function imprinted keytops or other extra keys. Some functions may be Windows PC specific and aren't supported under MacOS. That's common with some Macintosh computer input peripherals: Where we get basic Apple functionality - but without specialized OSX software or drivers may not be able to take advantage of some more minor features.